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About Immediate Solutions

Immediate Solutions are a pioneering sponsorship and advertising service provider to leading public sector bodies.
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Immediate Solutions work in partnership with Councils across the UK on an open book basis making it in our interest to maximise the revenues the Council receives.
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Immediate Solutions provide consultancy services to advise on revenue generation and sponsorship opportunities that can be developed for Local Authorities and other key bodies.
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By partnering local government and other public bodies it enables our organisation to offer a truly diverse and exciting range of advertising and sponsorship platforms at the forefront in technology, location and design.
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Following the consultancy recommendations Immediate Solutions will commence with the next steps alongside the Council to ensure a swift and successful implementation.
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Immediate Solutions offer a wide range of options to suit both Council and Sponsor needs a like. Ranging from Roundabouts to Publications there is something to fit all aims, aspirations and budgets.
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Recycling is becoming a very popular subject within the private sector as its ‘green’ associations can represent the values that many brands would like to project.


"Professional and willing to forge links with the County Council to maximise opportunities for revenue." Paul Hinsley, Senior Procurement, Essex County Council

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