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We provide a full consultancy service to advise on a revenue generation and sponsorship opportunities that may be created out of your existing asset base. Normally, there is no charge for this service, enabling councils to assess such opportunities without any concerns about unwanted cost commitment.

Working in partnership with you we will look at your asset base and, drawing on our significant expertise in this sector, will be able to advise you of the range of opportunities open to you.

We will make recommendations as to which would be best suited to meet the needs of your own council with regard to both income generation and enhancing the image of the municipality.

We will also advise on the types of businesses in the private sector who would respond to sponsorship and marketing opportunities through the use of your assets and also the feasible income targets, where appropriate. We work with active and potential sponsors on a local, regional and national basis, providing a wide range of positive interest.

We also provide feedback from private sector sponsors on other potential projects they feel they may wish to participate in.

And, as can be expected of the leader in this field, we offer the highest standards of probity and professionalism.