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Following the consultancy phase and having agreed the process to be undertaken, we can commence work on the project.

We then prepare the information about the assets we are proposing to use in a format that the private sector looks for, with as much statistical information as can be accrued. Following this, our national and local sales teams, armed with the knowledge of the appropriate levels of funding that could be expected from each project, will market to, and engage, potential sponsors.

Once sponsors have agreed to fund a project we then agree contracts with them, organise the sponsorship agreement and collect revenues as appropriate.

We undertake all management, administration and marketing and, where appropriate, outsource specific services or production, ensuring all legislation is complied with.

Should any work need outsourcing, we will always offer the council first choice on undertaking any or all of the outsources - for example, enhancing a roundabout or erecting a gateway sign.