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Every council is under tremendous pressure to maximise the services it provides whilst minimising the financial burden on its ratepayers.

One solution to enhancing income, already adopted by many leading councils, is to create incremental income through the utilisation of existing assets. This is achieved by developing sponsorship and income generation opportunities in partnership with the private sector, generating additional revenue streams.

Immediate Solutions is the leading company in this specialised area with an outstanding reputation, and is the only company dedicated to the public sector.

Importantly, we can offer a range of solutions that can embrace any of your assets rather than a single asset class, ensuring you maximise the opportunities available. And as well as providing additional revenues, our solutions provide a positive image of your Local Authority. We also offer schemes that enable existing stock and facilities to be upgraded as an alternative to receiving income.

Our experience covers every type of asset and ranges from boundary signing to bridges, street lighting to car parks, buildings to web sites, and publications to events.

We have the resources and proven expertise to identify opportunities and engage the relevant private sector commitment that will lead to additional incremental revenues.