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Municipal buildings make up a significant part of a council’s assets and can provide substantial revenue opportunities. Often, there are buildings that are ideal for corporate functions where they have the space and ‘presence’ to be applicable. We are able to put together packages that may also combine an on-site event to take advantage of such potential.

Additionally, we have been involved in using buildings as part of a major art or promotional project, such as ‘wrapping’ a building.

However, the greatest numbers of ongoing revenue opportunities are those deploying buildings already used by the general public such as leisure centres, sports stadia, theatres, libraries and museums.

In these types of buildings, there can be many saleable media spaces at entry points through to reception, wall-mounted and free-standing poster panels in the building, illuminated panels, changing rooms posters, trackside banners, ticketing, membership literature and branding on the brochures they produce.

We have also worked with digital media at such locations including feeds to digital screens and LED information displays as well as projecting images onto buildings.