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Information Technology

The internet now engages virtually everyone’s life with its massive penetration into homes and businesses and its involvement with every aspect of daily living. It is now the most powerful and most accessed source of information in the world, is and entertainment medium, and also a digital delivery channel for music, pictures and video.

Harnessing such power to take advantage of the insatiable demand for the Internet provides a significant number of media opportunities through the use of existing council websites.

We can guide you to schemes that are receptive to the private sector and, with our understanding of the many complexities surrounding this medium, can help you achieve sustainable revenues.

Options we can offer to sponsors can include on-the-page branding, promotional banners or sponsors, or more animated activity as well as direct links to their website. We also offer sponsor or advertising-linked micro sites as part of specific promotion.

We are able to undertake all technical development and support of the website advertising and the creative work. Alternatively, the IT department of the relevant council can undertake this if they wish.

In addition, we can upgrade, manage and, if required, host an existing council website or intranet and develop it to meet a council’s individual requirements. We also offer search engine optimisation, search engine position tracking and web tracking analysis services.