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Recycling is becoming a very popular subject within the private sector as its ‘green’ associations can represent the values that many brands would like to project. However, there are a number of new EC and government recycling directives that will involve additional investment into resources by councils.

Many local authorities now have excellent recycling initiatives in place that are highly effective and cover a range of recycling opportunities,. By offering sponsorship opportunities to the private sector, either over the whole programme or as little as the sponsorship of individual bins, there are huge opportunities to make recycling a real contributor to council funds. 

Areas that can be considered are recycling bins and boxes, liveries on trucks, uniforms, give-away rubbish sacks, advertising panels at recycling centres and sites, and the installation of recycling machines in areas such as leisure centres and schools using sponsorship.

We can identify the types of sponsors and advertisers who are most likely to respond to such an initiative and, working with you, can develop packages that are most likely to attract revenue.