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Lighting Columns

Lamp post columns are an integral part of any town or city. Whether traditional or modern design, their slim, elegant lines and height make a positive design statement.

As lamp posts feature in both pedestrian areas and through roads, they offer an excellent opportunity to have highly targeted outdoor communication to pedestrians and motorists with the additional advantage, unlike poster sites, of rapid repetition. They can be close to shopping centres, mark the route to sports and leisure centres, be on arterial routes, and in town and city centre's as well as the suburbs. They are also ideal for us as part of a larger integrated campaign.

Whether these are sponsored promotions for a specific message or space sold to an advertiser, the visual impact is exceptionally high with excellent results – as has been successfully demonstrated by many councils.

In our work with sponsors we can offer council guidelines, where appropriate, on what is acceptable both visually and in size. We can also undertake any production, which can include illuminated panels and provide the mounts for the physical hanging. Working with the council we can also arrange erection including any traffic management, or this can be subcontracted back to the council.

With great experience in this sector we would recommend that we offer a range of advertising packages consisting of a choice of number of lamp post columns and weeks exposure.