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Car Parks / Park & Ride

Car parks and, where appropriate, Park & Ride, are vital services that have to be provided and maintained. With the projected ownership of cars set to increase still further, there will be an ever-increasing demand for additional parking resources. The majority of these facilities serve major shopping areas and town and city centres and, as such, provide and excellent opportunity to advertise to visitors to these areas, generating additional income.

They deliver a wide range of media opportunities that councils can make available to advertisers and sponsors. These include free-standing poster sites, wall sites in multi-storey car parks, lifts, lamp post columns, banners, signing at entry and exit points, ticketing, and, on park and ride buses, external and internal posters/graphics.

These media opportunities are popular with local retailers, FMCG brands and service-led companies as they specifically target active shoppers, commuters and local residents who are about to spend, and are ideal for store-based offers.

We can promote these as complete packages on an exclusive basis or offer in them as individual media opportunities.