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There are a wide range of publications and printed material that councils produce such as the A-Z of council services, business directories, statutory information, planning and environmental information, guides, wage slips and support documents. These can offer excellent advertising revenue opportunities.

As production and distribution costs are often already budgeted for, they provide a medium that is pure revenue. Our sales teams can offer these as either sponsorship or advertising opportunities, identifying specific organisations to which a particular publication or document would enable them to accurately target their market.

We are able to undertake any or all of the production processes involved including design, artwork, printing and distribution. We would liaise with your corporate communications or marketing department and establish how this would be undertaken, what advertising space would be available, what the circulation was, and from that information judge what the rates should be.

Such publications are often of interest to local advertisers as they seek to engage with the local community in order to sell their products or services.