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Events such as carnivals with all the excitement and glamour they provide, more formal parades, or displays such as firework displays, are all opportunities to offer sponsorship or involvement as they often attract tens of thousands of people.

Such events tend to be either annual or ‘one-offs’ and have a specific theme. For these reasons they offer a unique and innovative way of delivering a high-impact message to a receptive audience. The potential revenue streams from such council-run cultural and sporting events can be significantly enhanced through applying our specialist expertise.

We are able to put together packages that are attractive to the private sector as they offer media dominance of an event by providing exposure to the target market at a number of points during the event experience.

This can range from every entry point advertising to steward badges, sponsored race numbering, programme branding, ticketing, free-standing posters, perimeter banners, car parking, access route, and commentary/voice-overs. In addition, give-aways during and after the event to carry a promotion or a branding story can be very successful.

Immediate Solutions can work with you to identify such opportunities from your roster of events to offer the private sector innovative new ways of engaging with their audience.

If it is a major event, it can already have existing major sponsors, but incremental sponsorship opportunities may be able to be offered which will add weight to the main sponsorship.