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Road and pedestrian bridges are usually unique, purpose-designed structures in a wide variety of designs and types of construction. They have significant presence, some are major architectural features, and are an established part of the local landscape.

Within and Local Authority’s boundaries there will be a number of such bridges that may be deemed suitable for use in displaying overhead banners or signage.

For the private sector they can often be a compelling proposition for specific projects because of their strategic nature and scale. They are ideal as part of a tactical or strategic campaign as road and pedestrian bridges are, by their very nature, at busy traffic areas offering a high number of Opportunities To See (OTS). Commuter routes, in particular, provide considerable repetition opportunities as they have the same traffic on a weekly basis.

And, as well as corporate branding, bridges are an ideal medium for promoting annual events reusing existing display material, and civic events.

The display material can be as simple as UPVC banners with eyeholes for hanging or made out of the latest high technology materials such as polycarbonate.

In view of the traffic management, highway and road safety issues involved in erecting bridge banners, this work is often contracted back to the council using its expertise.