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Roundabouts and Verges

Roundabouts, by their very nature, offer a highly visible landmark as traffic coming up to them is either slowing or stopping offering extended viewing – and at busy roundabouts, traffic can be queuing and waiting some time.

Whether it is meeting the minimum statutory requirement to maintain roundabouts and verges or create a lasting local image, we can turn roundabout and verge maintenance from a cost to a funded, breathtaking, visual opportunity. And as well as being highly visible, the advantage of this type of medium is that it offers a number of creative solutions from simple planting up for Britain in Bloom to stunning sculptures and works of art.

A review of existing installations for which we have achieved funding is a clear demonstration that the only limit is imagination. We have worked with outstanding local and national artists, sculptors and architects to create highly visible and much applauded visual points of excellence that are a credit to any Local Authority. Often the Councillors become involved in the commissioning of the work as part of their vision for the area.

Where appropriate, we guide any provider of installations or sculptures to ensure they are feasible, have longevity, and meet legal requirements such as maintaining highway sight lines where required. We also ensure the sponsor's logo is incorporated in the design.